Renewable Energy System Servicing & Maintenance Programmes

DHR Ltd offer bespoke servicing and maintenance programmes for Renewable Energy Systems, which are tailored to the exact needs of the client.

The following renewable technologies can be serviced and maintained by DHR Ltd:

  • Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
  • Solar Thermal
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps

So whether you are the asset / system owner with multiple systems or an individual generator, DHR Ltd can create a servicing and maintenance regime based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Example of some of the servicing / maintenance elements covered by DHR Ltd are as follows:

pv renewable energy service and maintenance pv renewable energy service and maintenance
  • Remote monitor & portfolio analysis
  • Reactive & scheduled maintenance visits
  • Manufacturer recommended procedures
  • Solar PV array cleaning
  • System repair
  • Client reporting
  • Fully trained service personnel
  • Bespoke packages

To discuss your servicing and maintenance needs further, please contact DHR Ltd.